3 Reasons I Switched to Beautycounter and Joined The #BetterBeauty Movement.

Recently, a fellow health practitioner, Mandy Meehan, brought Beautycounter clean beauty products to my attention through her YouTube Vlog.

I first heard about Mandy at church when our pastor – and her father –  Craig Groeschel, shared a small part of her story and her battle against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during his sermons.

My heart broke as I listened to Craig share his struggles with anger, sorrow, and restlessness about not being able to find answers as to why his daughter was going through this hard time. 

As a health care professional and a person of faith, I was moved to find out a little more about Mandy, her story, and quite frankly, how in the world she even made it through a day.

What I discovered was her AMAZING Vlog packed full of tips on how to eat healthier, live more spiritually, and to my surprise…. A lot of tips on clean skincare and cosmetics.

My Switch to Clean Beauty 

Full transparency: I’ve never been much of a “make-up” kind of a girl.

With sensitive skin and a desire to stay low-maintenance, there just isn’t a lot of beauty products that work for me.

But, what Mandy helped me discover through her posts about Beautycounter was not only a solution to the two biggest challenges I have when it comes to cosmetics… she also opened my eye to a few shocking facts about the cosmetics industry as a whole.

And, the more I learned about the way they conducted their business and their views on health and social justice piqued my interest even more.

In short, I became a Beautycounter Consultant for 3 very important reasons.

(1) Better health 

(2) Social justice & advocacy  

(3) A flexible business opportunity to build wealth

Ever Wonder What Dangerous Chemicals Might Be Lurking In The Ingredients You Put On Your Skin?

When it comes to avoiding harmful chemicals and ingredients in cosmetics, Beautycounter sets the standard. BC’s in-house team of scientists reviewed and screened each ingredient for safety against strict standards. They measured these ingredients against 23 different human health and environmental endpoints. They never assume that a lack of data means that an ingredient is safe to use. 

Their Neverlist is a list made up of over 1,800 ingredients and chemicals Beautycounter refuses to use in their products.  This promise ensures BC’s customers get clean cosmetics that go above and beyond what’s legally required in the U.S. and the E.U.    

Here are a few facts about the cosmetic world you may want to raise your awareness to…

  • The US has banned or partially restricted just 30 ingredients from personal care products.  Compare this to Canada’s 600 ingredients and Europe’s 1,400 + ingredients.
  • The US FDA does not require that cosmetic ingredients be assessed for safety before they go on to the market, and they cannot issue a product recall.
  • Over 40 years of scientific studies have fueled the growing consensus that exposure to toxic chemicals plays a role in the incidence and prevalence of many diseases and disorders in the US.  The US President’s Cancer Panel released its annual report and concluded that nongenetic, environmentally induced cancer has been “grossly underestimated”.

All in all, Beautycounter’s mission to put an end to the dangerous connection between cosmetics and skincare and cancers, dangers to fetal, infant, and adolescent development, conceiving and maintaining pregnancy and increased preterm birth, male fertility issues, along with early puberty and depression is a huge win in my book.


Warning: This Might Make You Slam Your Lip Pencil…

Have you ever considered where the products you use come from? In other words, how a product is sourced.  From the beginning to the end of the supply chain.   

When we’re deciding on a product to buy, we often look at the price, we may smell it, decide if we like the branding, and if its all good, throw it in the cart.  But, do you consider the actual supply chain? 

Do you wonder about all that went into creating, testing, and marketing it? I’m talking about yes, animal testing, but also child labor, wage theft, corruption, and forced labor.  Its a real current-day issue and one I certainly don’t take lightly.

 If you care about something larger than yourself (and I know you do or else you probably wouldn’t be hanging out with me in the first place) ethical and responsible sourcing must be a priority when considering which products you choose to spend your hard-earned cash on.  

Sadly, according to the U.N, 73 million children work (I’m talking manual labor) in hazardous conditions around OUR world. Children…babies… as young as 3 years old, are forced to do this work.  I’ll be damned if I support any such nonsense. Even if it saves me a few bucks. 

I’m sure you feel the same way. 

An Ethical Side Hustle For Any Busy Mom, Entrepreneur, or W2 Employee.

Now as much as I would love to try and fill Mother Teresa’s shoes and save the world, I’m a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur.  So my day-to-day schedule is a bit…well, spoken for.  

So, I’m always looking for creative ways to meet my personal demands, serve others, and earn a living.   Especially, how to earn extra income without selling my soul to burnout and exhaustion.  After all, how can I afford to contribute to anyone if I am broke or stretched too thin with responsibilities?  

My simple answer. I can’t! 

This is exactly why I jumped on the chance to earn extra income on my own schedule with a company who has such a powerful message and purpose. 

Beautycounter’s engaging community of like-minded women is one of a kind. The company does it right to support affiliates and their products so you can actually make money.  

Plus, if you’re at all like me (oddly attracted to selling stuff I believe in) Beautycounter pays their community incredibly well. Due to their sustainability, desire and ability to give back, transparency, and forward-thinking, Beautycounter’s impact on major influences, celebrities (yes celebs), and thought leaders have risen to first-in-class in cosmetic affiliate companies across the board.

If you have a desire to make the switch to a cleaner skincare AND cosmetic company… you want to contribute to movement far beyond beauty… and you wouldn’t mind making a nice income without all the boxes of inventory, while also protecting your time… getting on board with Beautycounter is a NO BRAINER.

Here’s How You Can Get Started With Beautycounter and the #betterbeauty Movement  

I want to come right out front and tell you I am a consultant for Beautycounter.  I will receive a commission of sales from   purchases you make through the links in this post and if you enter my name Erica Ryal, but this is at NO extra cost to you! 

Here’s a few options you can choose from to get started with Beautycounter. 


OPTION #1 – Shop For Safer Skincare

If you want to make a switch with the skincare products you use on your or your family’s skin… then you will get exclusive access to my basic pricing and any companywide promos. To shop through my link just click below.

http://beautycounter.com/ericaryal    and when prompted to enter your consultant you can put my name, Erica Ryal.

If you have any questions on products before you buy just shoot me a message or email and I’ll be happy to guide you to the best choice in what you’re looking for. 


OPTION #2 – Become A Member, Get Perks, And Amazing Free Stuff

At the time of this post you can become a member for just $29.

Here’s what you get when you become a Band of Beauty Member:  

  • Free shipping on qualifying orders of $100+
  • 10% product credit on applicable orders
  • A welcome gift when you spend $50+ on products at enrollment (this gift definitely surpasses the investment you make on membership fee!)
  • Members exclusive offers. 

Here’s How It Works.

To sign up as a Band of Beauty Member go here and I would be so grateful if you entered my name: Erica Ryal when prompted  http://beautycounter.com/member-program

OPTION 3 – Become a Consultant

If you’re interested in making clean beauty your business, make money and make a significant social impact for future generations… then joining the community as a consultant is a great way for you to do ALL THAT.

Side hustle or main hustle, you get to decide… doesn’t matter.

To have you on my team would be an honor and a privilege!

Beautycounter has the platform to empower you to create a career that fits your lifestyle or make the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Your choice.

This isn’t like other trends, Ponzi schemes, or pyramid traps. 

Take it from some of the current consultants who have chosen to get into the #betterbeauty game. 

  • Dr Steph Walker— Neonatologist and mother who says “I don’t need another job—I do this because I care about my community and seeing women win. It’s transformative.”
  • Novelyn Aquino— Breast Cancer Survivor who says ““What makes me feel beautiful? Connecting with people. Which for me, has a lot to do with healing. I’ve been in sales for a long time and this is different. It’s being of service, it’s bringing value because you’re really speaking to people.”
  • Tatum Blize Unapologetic Beauty Junkie says “I have a goal to make more money than my husband. I want to be able to buy a house with him—not behind him. If you’ve got a big dream or idea, or you want to see what you can do with this business, go for it. You can freaking do it.

If you’re ready to experience a cleaner beauty, a beauty without all the chemicals, and a beauty that doesn’t take a bunch of time and could grow your bankroll… simply click the link below and let’s get you on my team. 

That way, we can make the world a better place together. 


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