Would You Rather Be Tired From Underwhelm or Overwhelm?

You’ll Never Meet A Mountain Climber Who Doesn’t Get Tired.   There’s nothing better than feeling energized, on top of your game, and confident. The feeling you would have after a long hike.  You’re standing on the mountain top overlooking all the wonder.   Its like feeling at peace being still and present while also being

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Transform your Pain to Purpose

True Or False- Pain Has The Power To Position You?   Have you experienced pain?  Suffering?   Have you ever lost a person, a dream, your faith, your health?  If you’ve felt fear, disappointment, regret, grief, betrayal- you’ve suffered & its painful.  BETTER QUESTION— Have you put purpose to your pain?  Meaning to your suffering?  OR,

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Prevent Emotional Catastrophe in One Crystal Clear Step

Managing Emotions Effectively, Aint So Easy.  Here’s why.  Learning how to manage emotions are crucial for you to have your best health, perform at your highest level, and live the long, fulfilling, and prosperous life you dream of.  However there’s one problem, its freakin hard work.   You know by now managing ANYTHING takes effort,

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Sitting Down Can Bring You Down. Unless, You’re Doing This…

It’s no secret that moving our bodies (ie., exercise and physical activity) brings serious improvements to our mind-body health.   But did you know moving your body can directly impact depression?  And, it’s no secret depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. While depression (and many other mental health conditions) do

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