Would You Rather Be Tired From Underwhelm or Overwhelm?

You’ll Never Meet A Mountain Climber Who Doesn’t Get Tired.


There’s nothing better than feeling energized, on top of your game, and confident.

The feeling you would have after a long hike.  You’re standing on the mountain top overlooking all the wonder.   Its like feeling at peace being still and present while also being ready for anything.  

But you can’t stand on the peak all the time.  Theres a process to get that high.  In order to stand on the summit, you must first, embrace the OVERWHELM of the climb.

And, before you embrace the overwhelm, You have to  first be willing to leave the valley.

What You Can Expect to Happen  If  You Become Stuck In The Valley. 

Luckily, negative mental, emotional, and physical states will often communicate to you, if you try to stay comfortable in the valley too long. 

You’ll likely feel sluggish, lonely, disappointed, bored, and maybe even embarrassed.

You’ll feel tired from your UNDERWHELM. 

Its the same in your everyday life. 

You’re going to feel tired sometimes regardless of your circumstances. 

So, would you “rather be tired from UNDERWHELM or OVERWHELM?

Would you rather be tired from the overwhelm from the climb or the underwhelm from lingering in the low valley too long? 

Picture the feeling you get after you’ve just finished a satisfying workout…You feel strong and centered in your mind, clean in your body, and connected in your spirit. You’re energized but you’re also TIRED….a good kind of tired.  You leveraged the positive side of stress and overwhelmed yourself by creating a meaningful change, by doing something great and now you can experience the benefits.  

You might be tired, but its rewarding and fulfilling.  You faced the stress and overwhelm of action, leveraged the challenge for growth, and now you’re stronger because of it…tired or not.    

Now, contrast that experience with a long day of lounging on the couch, sitting around, dreaming of feeling, doing, and looking better.  You’re comfortable but not content. And for good reason… you’re not advancing.  

Being here too long, results in a big dark cloud of stagnation… Yah, you’re tired but its not a good tired.  You feel bored, unfulfilled, and insecure, you start to withhold grace and self-compassion and instead become critical of yourself.  Maybe, you even start to feel sorry for yourself and helpless in making the changes you want so badly.  Changes, for example in your, career, finances, relationship, fitness, health and wellbeing.

And it all exists because you’re avoiding the uncertainty and discomfort of stress and overwhelm.

Yet, you’re still tired. And it’s because deep down inside, you long to make a positive impact on your life or someone else’s and its not happening.  You tired from UNDERWHELM.

Would you rather be tired from the UNDERWHELM or the  OVERWHELM?

Start Packing For Your Peak.  Here’s How To Get Going.

If you said overwhelm… there’s great news.  Because even if you’re in the valley now, all you have to do is choose to leverage your underwhelm and say no more.

Start by learning to recognize the feelings of sluggishness, fatigue, boredom, and disappointment.

Then, use those negative feelings to fuel you to take one small step toward the climb up… One step toward the work. 

Because it’s not about the Peak.  Its not about the result that is… As much as its about becoming the type of person that climbs. 

Be The Type of Person Who Climbs.  Here Are a Few Ways to begin.


Here are a few ideas to get started.  

Maybe you can learn one small skill. 

Or, replace one bad habit with a good one.

Or, create one healthy system for improving your lifestyle. 

If you start with one small step toward the work (and yes the overwhelm), you will eventually create a new environment within you and around you. 

You will cultivate new thoughts, words, actions, habits, character, and you’ll make it to the peak.   

Don’t fool yourself, this effort will absolutely make you tired.  You will feel overwhelmed.

But you’ll have something to show for it…



Inner strength


Instead of a sigh of helplessness, You’ll take a deep sigh of satisfaction.  

You’ll go into a moment of calming, restful, stillness in-order to recover not to cope.

And you’ll feel proud of your bravery and effort. 

As one of my favorite leadership experts, Steven Pressfield says it…. “Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” 

Get overwhelmed, get moving, get tired  but for a great reason.   

And when you do, take with you GRACE and SELF-COMPASSION… because when you’re working toward something meaningful you’ll work hard and you’ll need it.  

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And I’ll point you in the right direction. 

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